Deadly cravings

So lately I have been craving for cheeseburgers and the worse part is I have been eating them late at night between 11pm to 12 midnight.

Well fine this only happened twice. The first was when Dino and I watched the Chingay street dance parade at the F1 pit in Singapore. The event was so grand since it had several well decorated floats and thousands of people who participated in the dance numbers. This ended around past 10pm and we had to walk really far to get to the mrt station. By the time we arrived it was already 11:30pm and I was starving. Then I saw McDonald’s and it being my weakness I had to buy a cheeseburger. I tried to control my self by just buying the sandwich and not the meal. I gave Dino a few bites but the rest I finished in less than 5 minutes!

Another time was when we watched a movie that ended almost 12 midnight. We saw a Wendy’s still open and decided to grab something to eat. We order a 1/4 burger pattie and fries. Good thing is I shared this with Dino. But still so deadly considering its literally a midnight snack and an unhealthy one at that.

Another thing I’ve been craving for are gummy candies. I have the sweet one and the sour ones. I just like chewing on them. Ate them like popcorn during the movie. Must stop this since I should limit my sugar intake.

Current Symptoms at 6 weeks going on 7

So far at 6 weeks I haven’t had any morning sickness and I feel very very lucky for that. Basically my pregnancy symptoms are extreme fatigue, tender breasts, sensitive sense of smell,  stomach gas and the feeling of being bloated.

Everyday around 5pm onwards I start to feel really tired and sleepy. Last week I still had the luxury to take naps before dinner. But now that I am currently working on a project with a hotel I have to work till 6pm or 7pm. By dinner time my eyes feel so heavy and I can’t seem to know if I am hungry or not since I feel like I just want to go to bed. But the minute I put food in my mouth then I realize that yes I am hungry. As far as food cravings or food aversions go I don’t really have any particular one which is good great. Although I did notice my sense of smell became more sensitive to the smell of deep-fried food.

As for tender breasts, I have always had considerably big boobs for my small frame at only 4’11. But this time I feel like its gotten even bigger and rounder. And quite sensitive to the touch. Every time I do workouts that require some jumping or running, it becomes very uncomfortable. So I try to avoid that and do my own pace instead especially during workout classes.

As for the sensitive smell, I’m not quite sure if it really got sensitive or its more psychological since I know that it is a very common pregnancy symptom.  And every time I smell something strong or foul I would always ask my husband if he can smell it as well and he always says yes so I guess it’s not yet that sensitive as compared to others when they smell things a mile away.

I don’t know if I would like to talk about stomach gas but hey it is a very common pregnancy symptom so who cares. This is not a time for me to pretend that being pregnant is the best feeling in the world. I have always been a very acidic person so I guess I am prone to having stomach gas all the more now that I am pregnant. I did ask my doctor if it was okay to take Tums antacid chewable tablets and she said it is safe for pregnancy. In fact it is very good since it is rich in calcium. Also, another thing that would soothe my stomach would be drinking hot water and best with some lemon juice. Tea would be ideal but then it contains caffeine. I have already switched to decaf coffee for the past 3 weeks now.

I feel like my stomach is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Not because of the baby but because I am getting so fat. I’ve been eating a lot and haven’t been working out. I don’t know how to find time to workout when I always feel so tired now.

It is now time to get ready for bed as my eyes feel so heavy already. Tomorrow I will officially be 7 weeks pregnant and crossing my fingers that I won’t get any morning sickness soon.

Oh and another thing I noticed is this weird taste in my tongue. I’ve read how some women would have a metallic taste in their mouth but I would not really describe mine as metallic. In fact I don’t know how to describe it. It just makes me want to brush my teeth or eat some mints.

*yawning* goodnight..zzzzz








Heart beat for a birthday gift

Yesterday was my 29th birthday so it was really exciting that I got to see baby sweet pea’s heart beat the other day Saturday February 16.  When our doctor showed me the ultrasound video and I could see this tiny little bud beating I couldn’t believe that I was actually pregnant and that was actually my baby inside me. It was one of those special occasions that you’ve always imagined how you would actually feel or react at that precise moment. Like being proposed to, walking down the aisle, etc. I felt teary eyed but just held it in. I didn’t want my doctor to think I was overreacting. I guess I would probably feel more emotional once I really see more of a baby rather that a small tiny bud. But I was really happy to know that sweet pea was developing really well for 6 weeks. The heart beat looked like a flickering light similar to how stars would twinkle in the sky. And the adorable thing was our doctor pointed out the yolk sac on top of our baby and said that our baby looks like he/she is sleeping under a moon. Aside from the heart beat we got to see the blood flow from my uterus to the baby. It was so amazing how the ultrasound can capture these things.

So for my birthday all I really wanted to do was to eat. My husband, Dino and I ate in a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant for lunch. We were so stuffed after and went back home. I was so tempted to take a nap but then that might not be such a good idea. So I decided to go to the mall to get a haircut. Would be nice to pamper myself for my special day.

After we went to Orchard Road, which is where most of the malls are located so that my husband could buy me my birthday gift. He asked me what I wanted and I told him that since I’m pregnant I feel guilty if I make him buy me an expensive gift. Its like I would rather buy a stroller or something for the baby instead. Can I say that my priorities are now changing? haha! We went around to several shops but I ended up not choosing anything.

I’m so sad this is my last year in my twenties 😦 But then glad that I would be having my first baby before I turn 30.

I have been feeling so fat and bloated. My stomach has been expanding and to think I am only 6 weeks! Was so lazy to go gym awhile ago but just forced myself after a weekend of pigging out. Feeling so sleepy now. So good night!



First Doctors Appointment

As soon as I got a positive result from an HPT I called the doctor to set an appointment. I went the very next day and did a blood test. They told me to go back two days after to review the blood test results and even do an ultrasound. I told the doctor that it might be too early to do an ultrasound because based on my research some doctors will require you to come for an ultrasound if you are at least 8 weeks pregnant. I will only be 4 weeks and 5 days by then. But she insisted and said to just come and lets just take a look.

So when I came back on Wednesday (with my very supportive husband) which was 2 days after the blood test the doctor saw that the pregnancy hormone was only 800+ which was very low. She then did an ultrasound and somehow I knew something was wrong. She couldn’t seem to find something and confirm my pregnancy. She just said that I must have conceived using my right egg and that so far my uterus seems fine. Then she said that it’s still too early to tell so I should do another blood test today and should expect the results to double.

I was really annoyed at the doctor because I already knew that it was too early to do an ultrasound and now she just made me worry. Also I have been feeling absolutely normal. The nauseous/queasy feeling I felt last Sunday never came back. Which started to worry me. But then again I know I should not complain and be thankful that I am feeling fine.

The next day I got a call from the doctor’s office and they said my blood test result is 2400+ which is a very good sign. Then they said the doctor would like to do another ultrasound because the pregnancy hormone level is high enough to see something. I was so excited that I went to the doctor as soon as I can. So she finally did the ultrasound and saw what they call the yolk sac where the baby should grow in. I was so relieved and excited. She gave me a copy to keep and couldn’t wait to show my husband. She told me to come back after a week and hopefully we could hear the heartbeat.

My next appointment is tomorrow and I am very very excited!!!

Below is the first ultrasound picture. The black dot on the right side is the yolk sac.

1st ultrasound

Home Pregnancy Test

photo 1 photo 2

Would just like to share my home pregnancy test story.

So I was expecting to get my period last February 1 Friday. I am very regular with my periods and have only been late a couple of times. It was already mid-afternoon and my period hasn’t started. Of course I am not very good in the waiting game so I decided to go buy a home pregnancy test (hpt). I decided to buy the Early predictor test wherein it can predict even 4 days before you miss you period. I though since this is a very sensitive test I would be able to get a reliable result right away. So I decided to take a nap before taking the test thinking it might be similar to the first morning pee since I would have just woken up. Haha! Yeah right who was I kidding! So of course I could not nap for very long and decided to take the test already. I made sure to read the instructions very carefully and followed it correctly. It says after collecting your pee to wait for 5 minutes before reading the results. So again 5 minutes felt like an hour. I left the test in the bathroom stepped out but kept walking back in to peep. No line was appearing. No line means NOT pregnant. Five minutes have passed and still no line. My heart dropped. I tried to tell myself not to feel bad and that I still have another month to try.

I started getting dressed as I was going to meet up with my husband for dinner. Again I kept checking the test every 5 minutes to see if any line would appear. I did see a very very faint line but only if I would put it directly under a light. And the instructions clearly stated that any result that comes out after 10 minutes should not be considered as this could just be what they call an evaporation line.

Of course it did not help that my husband knows my period is due today. So he asked me if I got my period already. Then I couldn’t hide it from him so I told him that I bought a pregnancy test. I told him that no I still don’t have my period but I am not pregnant. He was laughing and teasing me for buying a HPT saying I am so impatient and can’t seem to just wait for tomorrow to really confirm that I have missed my period.

Anyways as soon as we got home I then got the HPT to show to my husband. The faint line is now more visible but still faint. And I told him that this result does not count anymore. But deep inside I was secretly hoping it really was a positive result. Good thing is my period hasn’t arrived. It was late so I decided to sleep. True enough I could not sleep because my mind keeps thinking about the test and how my period hasn’t arrived and that if by tomorrow I still do not have it then I should go and buy another test and another brand.

The next day still no period! I thought to myself “There’s hope!”. Every time I go to the bathroom to pee and still see no period I secretly smile. So after lunch I was so excited to buy another test. I wanted to try the Clearblue brand because I read good reviews about it. Yes I even researched about HPT’s. So when I finally decided to do the test (after another short nap again) I was thinking this has to work. I missed my period for sure. I just need closure. This test should show a positive sign (+) if you are pregnant after five minutes. While waiting for five minutes to be up I noticed first a very dark horizontal negative line showing. Then slowly a very very faint positive line started to appear. If you would read the instructions it says even if the positive line is faint it’s still a line. But this was really really faint. It did not help in giving me closure. But when I showed it to my husband he could also see the faint vertical line but was also doubting it.  After some time like around 30 minutes the faint vertical line disappeared!! and only left the dark horizontal line. Is my mind playing tricks on me? How could this happen again? I already wasted 2 HPTs and still no closure. I was getting really frustrated.

The next day, Sunday, I had brunch with some friends. This took my mind off this whole “not-knowing-yet-is-driving-me-crazy” state of mind. But I know there is hope as I still don’t have my period. I was feeling absolutely normal that morning. Had a very heavy yummy brunch of waffles, bacon and egg with hollandaise sauce. When I got home I had the strangest feeling. My stomach felt very queasy. My mind was half scared that it might be the hollandaise sauce that’s making me sick and the other half was hoping it might be the start of pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness maybe? I tried taking a nap, drinking water but my stomach felt really queasy. But not to the point that I would actually vomit. It just felt like my stomach couldn’t seem to settle down.

Being ready with all the knowledge on how to handle morning sickness/nausea I decided to make myself some ginger tea. It did help relieve my stomach. My husband kept teasing me that I really might be pregnant this time because I was feeling this way. So that night I decided to buy another HPT but this time I went for a generic one a.k.a. a cheap test. I bought it from Guardian drugstore and they have their own brand of HPT. The reason why I wanted to try out this generic test is that I also read that generic tests can also be very sensitive and therefore more reliable. The pack I bought had 2 tests just to be safe in case I mess one up or to really make sure about the results. I also read that if you are not using your first morning urine then you should hold your pee for at least 4 hours to make sure it’s not diluted. Maybe that’s what happened with the 2 other tests that’s why I got false negatives or maybe it was just too early to test.

After waiting for 5 hours I decided to pee on the stick. Here goes nothing! In this test a line should appear in the control part which means the test worked well and another line in the test part which means your pregnant. After 5 minutes of waiting a line finally appeared. It was not as dark as the control but it was dark enough to be seen and dark enough to be sure I wasn’t imagining a line. So I guess yay I’m finally pregnant! Somehow the waiting and the false negatives dissolved my excitement. Now time to sleep. The next morning I took the other test and got a positive result again.

Time to call the doctor for an appointment!

Dream come true

I decided to make a blog to document my pregnancy adventures all the way to being a first time mom.

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and would say this is a dream come true for me. I remember as a kid my favorite toy would be a baby doll. I did not enjoy playing with Barbie or any other toys as much as I enjoyed taking care of my baby doll. I would feed her by preparing baby powder mixed with water to form a cerelac consistency, change her clothes and sing her to sleep. I also vividly remember saying goodbye to her before leaving for school and how it would break my heart to see her all alone in my bed. I would promise her that I would be back after school to play with her. I guess this is similar to how working moms feel when they have to say goodbye and leave their little one to go to work. My point is, ever since I was young I already knew I wanted to be a mom.

My husband and I just had our church wedding last November 30, 2012. We both decided to start trying to conceive. I love researching about almost anything and everything. So I kept reading websites and forums on the best ways to conceive. From knowing when your ovulation will occur to even fertility food to eat while trying. I kept reminding my husband on do’s and don’t’s that I’ve read such as don’t take a hot shower, don’t wear tight briefs, don’t eat this, dont sleep late, exercise, etc. Little did I know that I was putting too much pressure on him. And its true the more pressured you are to conceiving a baby the more it wont happen.

I guess it was just one of my fears that I won’t be able to conceive. I just know so many couples who have been married for so long, have been trying so hard and still no baby. I did not want to be like them so I was very anxious to start trying. Our first month of trying was December. I remember following most of the tips I’ve read and eating lots of salmon and nuts which ended up increasing my cholesterol level! The next month I got my period and it did scare the shit out of me. I know its crazy to panic since we’ve only tried for one month. But hey I cant help but feel worried that there must be something wrong with me or even my husband (sorry babe =P). I would always tease my husband that he should get a sperm count test because I had my self checked and everything seems fine. Then again I knew I was putting too much pressure on him. Not even counting the pressures we get from family and friends. Geez we’ve only been married recently and already your asking us if we are pregnant?!

Anyways to cut my blabbing short we finally got pregnant after our second month of trying. Lots of prayers and hard work did the trick! 🙂 Our little sweet pea had been conceived.

Just to add:

I just want to make a shout out to couples who have been desperately trying for so long. I feel for all of you. I know it can be very frustrating and the waiting game to see if your pregnant can drive you crazy. But then remember stress won’t do you any good. So just relax take it easy and enjoy the moment. Lots of prayers and lifestyle change (exercise and eat healthy) is a big help. Good luck and wishing all hoping moms-to-be to be blessed with their own little sweet pea.