Dream come true

I decided to make a blog to document my pregnancy adventures all the way to being a first time mom.

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and would say this is a dream come true for me. I remember as a kid my favorite toy would be a baby doll. I did not enjoy playing with Barbie or any other toys as much as I enjoyed taking care of my baby doll. I would feed her by preparing baby powder mixed with water to form a cerelac consistency, change her clothes and sing her to sleep. I also vividly remember saying goodbye to her before leaving for school and how it would break my heart to see her all alone in my bed. I would promise her that I would be back after school to play with her. I guess this is similar to how working moms feel when they have to say goodbye and leave their little one to go to work. My point is, ever since I was young I already knew I wanted to be a mom.

My husband and I just had our church wedding last November 30, 2012. We both decided to start trying to conceive. I love researching about almost anything and everything. So I kept reading websites and forums on the best ways to conceive. From knowing when your ovulation will occur to even fertility food to eat while trying. I kept reminding my husband on do’s and don’t’s that I’ve read such as don’t take a hot shower, don’t wear tight briefs, don’t eat this, dont sleep late, exercise, etc. Little did I know that I was putting too much pressure on him. And its true the more pressured you are to conceiving a baby the more it wont happen.

I guess it was just one of my fears that I won’t be able to conceive. I just know so many couples who have been married for so long, have been trying so hard and still no baby. I did not want to be like them so I was very anxious to start trying. Our first month of trying was December. I remember following most of the tips I’ve read and eating lots of salmon and nuts which ended up increasing my cholesterol level! The next month I got my period and it did scare the shit out of me. I know its crazy to panic since we’ve only tried for one month. But hey I cant help but feel worried that there must be something wrong with me or even my husband (sorry babe =P). I would always tease my husband that he should get a sperm count test because I had my self checked and everything seems fine. Then again I knew I was putting too much pressure on him. Not even counting the pressures we get from family and friends. Geez we’ve only been married recently and already your asking us if we are pregnant?!

Anyways to cut my blabbing short we finally got pregnant after our second month of trying. Lots of prayers and hard work did the trick! 🙂 Our little sweet pea had been conceived.

Just to add:

I just want to make a shout out to couples who have been desperately trying for so long. I feel for all of you. I know it can be very frustrating and the waiting game to see if your pregnant can drive you crazy. But then remember stress won’t do you any good. So just relax take it easy and enjoy the moment. Lots of prayers and lifestyle change (exercise and eat healthy) is a big help. Good luck and wishing all hoping moms-to-be to be blessed with their own little sweet pea.

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