Heart beat for a birthday gift

Yesterday was my 29th birthday so it was really exciting that I got to see baby sweet pea’s heart beat the other day Saturday February 16.  When our doctor showed me the ultrasound video and I could see this tiny little bud beating I couldn’t believe that I was actually pregnant and that was actually my baby inside me. It was one of those special occasions that you’ve always imagined how you would actually feel or react at that precise moment. Like being proposed to, walking down the aisle, etc. I felt teary eyed but just held it in. I didn’t want my doctor to think I was overreacting. I guess I would probably feel more emotional once I really see more of a baby rather that a small tiny bud. But I was really happy to know that sweet pea was developing really well for 6 weeks. The heart beat looked like a flickering light similar to how stars would twinkle in the sky. And the adorable thing was our doctor pointed out the yolk sac on top of our baby and said that our baby looks like he/she is sleeping under a moon. Aside from the heart beat we got to see the blood flow from my uterus to the baby. It was so amazing how the ultrasound can capture these things.

So for my birthday all I really wanted to do was to eat. My husband, Dino and I ate in a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant for lunch. We were so stuffed after and went back home. I was so tempted to take a nap but then that might not be such a good idea. So I decided to go to the mall to get a haircut. Would be nice to pamper myself for my special day.

After we went to Orchard Road, which is where most of the malls are located so that my husband could buy me my birthday gift. He asked me what I wanted and I told him that since I’m pregnant I feel guilty if I make him buy me an expensive gift. Its like I would rather buy a stroller or something for the baby instead. Can I say that my priorities are now changing? haha! We went around to several shops but I ended up not choosing anything.

I’m so sad this is my last year in my twenties 😦 But then glad that I would be having my first baby before I turn 30.

I have been feeling so fat and bloated. My stomach has been expanding and to think I am only 6 weeks! Was so lazy to go gym awhile ago but just forced myself after a weekend of pigging out. Feeling so sleepy now. So good night!



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