Current Symptoms at 6 weeks going on 7

So far at 6 weeks I haven’t had any morning sickness and I feel very very lucky for that. Basically my pregnancy symptoms are extreme fatigue, tender breasts, sensitive sense of smell,  stomach gas and the feeling of being bloated.

Everyday around 5pm onwards I start to feel really tired and sleepy. Last week I still had the luxury to take naps before dinner. But now that I am currently working on a project with a hotel I have to work till 6pm or 7pm. By dinner time my eyes feel so heavy and I can’t seem to know if I am hungry or not since I feel like I just want to go to bed. But the minute I put food in my mouth then I realize that yes I am hungry. As far as food cravings or food aversions go I don’t really have any particular one which is good great. Although I did notice my sense of smell became more sensitive to the smell of deep-fried food.

As for tender breasts, I have always had considerably big boobs for my small frame at only 4’11. But this time I feel like its gotten even bigger and rounder. And quite sensitive to the touch. Every time I do workouts that require some jumping or running, it becomes very uncomfortable. So I try to avoid that and do my own pace instead especially during workout classes.

As for the sensitive smell, I’m not quite sure if it really got sensitive or its more psychological since I know that it is a very common pregnancy symptom.  And every time I smell something strong or foul I would always ask my husband if he can smell it as well and he always says yes so I guess it’s not yet that sensitive as compared to others when they smell things a mile away.

I don’t know if I would like to talk about stomach gas but hey it is a very common pregnancy symptom so who cares. This is not a time for me to pretend that being pregnant is the best feeling in the world. I have always been a very acidic person so I guess I am prone to having stomach gas all the more now that I am pregnant. I did ask my doctor if it was okay to take Tums antacid chewable tablets and she said it is safe for pregnancy. In fact it is very good since it is rich in calcium. Also, another thing that would soothe my stomach would be drinking hot water and best with some lemon juice. Tea would be ideal but then it contains caffeine. I have already switched to decaf coffee for the past 3 weeks now.

I feel like my stomach is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Not because of the baby but because I am getting so fat. I’ve been eating a lot and haven’t been working out. I don’t know how to find time to workout when I always feel so tired now.

It is now time to get ready for bed as my eyes feel so heavy already. Tomorrow I will officially be 7 weeks pregnant and crossing my fingers that I won’t get any morning sickness soon.

Oh and another thing I noticed is this weird taste in my tongue. I’ve read how some women would have a metallic taste in their mouth but I would not really describe mine as metallic. In fact I don’t know how to describe it. It just makes me want to brush my teeth or eat some mints.

*yawning* goodnight..zzzzz








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